Collagen Mineral Foundation

Collagen Mineral Foundation
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Pure Radiance Collagen Mineral Foundation is affordable and luxurious. Love your skin with quality mineral make up infused with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Amino Collagen C. Provides impeccable coverage, softens skin, reduces wrinkles, restores vitality. Ideal organic skin care. Mature skin types enjoy the light, luminous texture while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while problematic skin types benefit from oil absorbing minerals and take advantage of concealing blotchiness with buildable and soothing coverage, while healing blemishes.

All Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products are concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way.

Highlights of our anti aging mineral foundation:

  • All Natural, organic, non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, non irritating, non drying
  • NO gluten, paraben, fragrance, SLS, GMO, talc, bismuth, phthalate, mineral oil, dye, silicone and synthetic preservatives.
  • A complete coverage Matte Foundation with a very natural look and buildable coverage
  • Advanced anti aging formula infused with antioxidants, skin soothing vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen
  • Restores vitality and rejuvenates skin, reducing lines, wrinkles, and discolorations
  • Collagen stimulates new skin cell growth
  • Allantoin conceals skin imperfections, heals dry skin, scars, burns, rashes and acne
  • Ideal for all skin types including mature, and those with sensitive skin, rosacea, psoriasis
  • Hydrates, nourishes, and protects skin with SPF20
  • Silica Microspheres scatters light and blurs the look of wrinkles, skin imperfections; provides a flawless look
  • Light weight, yet has all day coverage and suitable for all varieties of skin tones


Full Size $18 Comes in premium Clear Styrene jars with matte silver lined polypro caps and a translucent polypropylene sifter insert for easy, mess free application. Jars are available for sale at minimal cost and may be used for color blending

Samples $4 If you are undecided about which foundation to chose, you may order your 1g sample. Comes in a sifter jar which is convenient for sampling, traveling or carrying in your purse for touch ups on the go. Samples will help you experience the color, texture and coverage. Samples are not meant to replace regular size products.

Empty Jar $4 Empty 20g Premium Sifter Jar for Blending. These are clear Styrene Jars with matte silver PE lined polypro caps. Each of these jars includes a translucent polypropylene sifter insert. Sifter openings for the 20 ml jars are approximately 2 mm in diameter.

Comparison: Foundation 3-6g vs our 8g, Blush 2-3g vs our 7g, Bronzer 2-4g vs our 7g. Result: we offer larger sizes at more reasonable prices.

Need a cleanser or makeup remover? Use our Milk Facial Cleanser, Apricot Facial Scrub, or Grapeseed Oil to cleanse and remove makeup without stripping skin of nutrients.

A proper anti aging skin care routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It is important to ensure makeup is removed prior to the application of Pure Radiance anti aging cream or serum, to avoid make up or cream from properly absorbing and/or rolling on the skin.

How long does one jar last? Approximately 6-8 months with daily use.

Why is the sifter important? The Sifter is one of the most important pieces of a container when using mineral makeup! It makes makeup last much, much longer; it is easier to sift the makeup into your lid; makes for easier application and prevents over or under use product. It also prevents product loss from possible splashes and accidental tips where you lose a lot of makeup to the floor, counter or down the sink. There are a lot of companies that sell just the jars without a sifter, but we want nothing but the best for our customers so your experience is improved.

Application tips for a flawless look: For proper application, ensure that you have the correct quality foundation brush. There are several variations of mineral foundation brushes, so if unsure please research them online. Brushes make a big difference when it comes to application and the finished result. Quality mineral brushes can cost anywhere between $10-$25 per brush however it is a one time purchase and if cleansed and cared for properly, they should last years. Mineral makeup by far provides a healthier, natural, defined and flawless look over liquid foundations and makeup, and applying it with quality brushes makes perfection.

Once you have your foundation brush, with lid closed simply tilt jar upside down then right side up a few times to release foundation through the sifters. Open lid and apply a small amount of mineral foundation to your makeup brush by swirling it in the jar against the sifter. Tap off any excess minerals from the brush and gently apply in a circular buffing motion to face, neck, chest or area of skin desired. If the foundation gets stuck in the sifter, simply apply lid and tap upside down to get it flowing again.

The most important part of application is the amount of buffing that is done. If you feel you require slightly more foundation, repeat by swirling brush back into jar and gently apply to face again in the same buffing motion. Continue to work around the face until all areas have received application. May be used on hands and other areas of body to cover scars, dark spots or other imperfections.

For a flawless look, ensure that you apply finishing powder on top of foundation. It not only sets your make up in place, but it makes it last longer, prevents smudging, controls facial oils so skin is not shiny after a few hours of wear, prevents the need for touch ups and provides an air brushed, flawless complexion.

Product use- As with all Pure Radiance skin care and cosmetic products, our foundation is concentrated therefore a very little is required to achieve the desired results. A small amount goes a very long way with buffing, so start with a very little, you can always add more. More does not always mean better. If one over applies creams, the result is difficulty absorbing and rolling on the skin. With mineral make up, over application can cause a caked on look, rub off on clothing or jackets and even settle in smile lines, forehead creases and other areas of face making them appear smplified. Use less with our concentrated products and reap the benefits. Foundation colors may be blended for a perfect color match. Empty full sized jars are available for convenience.

Short Instructions:

  • with lid on, turn jar upside down then right side up or shake gently
  • apply small amount of foundation to mineral foundation brush
  • tap off any excess minerals into jar
  • buff onto skin in circular swirling motion
  • use cleanser to remove makeup prior to anti aging cream or serum application

Ingredients: Collagen Foundation: SericiteMica with Carnauba Wax, Crushed Pearl Powder, TitaniumDioxide, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide, Allantoin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica Micropheres, Hyaluronic Acid, Boron Nitride, Vitamin E, Amino Collagen C, Jojoba Oil.

Complete your look by adding our Finishing Powders, Blush and/or Bronzer. See Mineral Make Up.

We make every attempt to display our colors accurately, however colors may not be exact depending on your own personal computer settings. This is out of our control.

*** Note-As per our Blog: We are currently re-evauating our mineral make up line and may make changes/additions to suit our customers interests, requests, purchasing habits.

**For additional information about Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care; organic and peptide benefits, see

Note that we are Canadian and are (dot) ca, not (dot) com or any other extension.

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