Ultra Lift Day Cream (Reg & SPF)

Ultra Lift Day Cream (Reg & SPF)
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Pure Radiance Ultra Lift Day Cream, is a powerful multiple peptide cream that comes in regular and SPF option. Ultra Lift firms lines and wrinkles while preventing others from forming. Collagen is boosted, fortified and reorganized; skin becomes stronger, denser, more supple, toned and brighter; resulting in visible remodeling and long term results. Skin is tightened, softened and hydrated. Even the deepest of lines will fill in overtime. You will feel and see the difference in your skin quickly. This cream provides deep, long lasting moisture protection. It has excellent spread ability and absobs readily. It leaves no sticky reside behind making it an ideal anti aging make up base. No artificial fragrance, chemical free organic skin care. Kosher Certified.

Size: 2oz/60ml (larger than retail 50ml size). All creams filled to top, actual amount approx. 2.4oz/68ml.

Characteristics:  This light cream has excellent spread ability and absorbs quickly leaving no shiny residue, making it ideal as a anti aging day cream and/or make-up base. Skin feels immediately soft and smooth. A little goes a long way.  Suited for all ages and skin types.

Ultra-Lift’s highlighted ingredients include: concentrated TEGO® Pep 4-17, Syn®-Hycan, Retinol A (Vitamin A) and Vitamin E.

Ingredients: Jojoba, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond & Coconut Oils; Aloe Vera, Rose Hydrosol (Rose Damascena Distillate), TEGO Pep 4-17, Syn-Hycan, Retinol, Cocoa, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract & Essential Oil .

Available in regular and SPF (SPF contains photo-stable, broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB Sun Protection Factor SPF of 20; is transparent,non-staining and non-greasy). Ultra Lift Regular Option has slightly greater short term anti aging advantage over the SPF version, however both versions provide the same long term results.

Ultra Lift SPF: Same cream, same ingredients; only contains Z-Cote Zinc Oxide for sun protection.

What is the application process?

In morning, apply to face, neck and chest in an upward and circular motion. May be worn alone or for maximum anti aging results; we recommend applying Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum first, allowing it to absorb, then layer with Day Cream. This is not mandatory/not required however will provide the best results. We recommend this for all day/night treatments.

Why choose Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care anti aging products?

• No paraben, sls, gluten, phthalate, mineral oil, dyes, talc, bismulth, silicone: chemical-free organic skin care
• Includes only natural and organic ingredients (extracts, antioxidants, essential oils, mineral powders, mica)
• High performance, long lasting wear
• No unnecessary fillers (water, alcohol, talc etc.)
• No synthetic fragrance
• Tax-free, duty-free everyday
• Larger than retail sizing with lower than retail pricing

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care’s features and benefits:

• Achieve immediate tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting
• Stimulate and increase quantity and quality of collagen types i, iii, iv and xvii
• Reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles; crows feet by increasing skin elasticity
• Decrease, treat and prevent dark circles, puffiness, broken blood cells and redness
• Strengthen tissue cells, fortify collagen fibrils, and visibly remodel the skin
• Improve and rejuvenate over-all skin tone and complexion

**For additional information about Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care; organic and peptide benefits, see www.pureradiance.ca Note that we are Canadian and are (dot) ca, not (dot) com or any other extension.

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