Mineral Oil Control, Finishing Powder

Mineral Oil Control, Finishing Powder
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Pure Radiance Mineral Oil Control, Finishing and Setting Powders offer the incredible benefits of setting make up and providing 12 hours of impeccable shine free coverage, that also extends the life of our foundation. Our powders contain all natural healthy ingredients that produce a smooth, matte and airbrushed professional finish with no to touch ups required!

If you have not had the opportunity to use our finishing powders as of yet, try one, you will be amazed at the difference it makes on your completed look... skin imperfections are instantly concealed; the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores are diminished; skin is nourished and protected- all while excess oils are absorbed, leaving you with that flawless air brushed look you have always wanted.

Our formulas are also infused with ingredients not found in other finishing powders: Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize the skin, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, repairing and strengthen skin, Amino Collagen C Treatment with Allantoin and Vitamin C to decrease lines, wrinkles and promote Collagen and Elastin growth. Ideal for all ages and skin types.

 **Don't let the colors fool you... our powders appear white, however once applied in a swirling motion just as mineral make up, our powders become completely translucent! They will not change the color of your foundation or skin, or even take away from any blush you might already have on.

Love your skin, with Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care's affordable and luxurious cosmetic alternative to the national brands and those seen on infomercials. Now available world-wide and in select Spa and Salon Locations. Our cosmetic line is All Natural, Non-Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic and contains NO Bismuth, Sulfate, Artificial Fragrances, Talc, Synthetic Preservatives, Chemicals, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Gluten and no Mineral Oil.

**Need a makeup remover? Use our Milk Facial Cleanser , Apricot Facial Scrub , Grape Seed Essential Serum 

**Size: Our formulas below come in a sifter jar for easy, mess free application. Net Wt.Large 7g/0.25oz

Mineral Veil Complexion Perfection Finishing Powder

Regular Veil Formula $17, Tinted Veil Formula $17.50


Extend the life of your foundation and give yourself the perfected complexion that you've always wanted.  Our fabulous translucent primer and finalizer will take away any excess shine; set make up; soften your complexion; hide redness, imperfections and fine lines; absorb excess oils; set your make up for the day giving you a flawless, shine free finish.

Comes in translucent or slightly tinted.

Formulated with the ancient secret to beauty - Rice Powder; soothing Aloe Vera; our smooth and silky Silica Microspheres, along with the purest kaolin clay and oxides. Use before or/and after your foundation is applied over entire face including eye lids.  Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Rice Powder, Silica Micro Spheres, Silk Powder, Kaolin Clay, Aloe Vera Powder.

Mineral Air Brush Finishing Powder- $18

It does not matter how old, how young, how dry, how oily, how light or how dark your skin is as our premium micro finish airbrush powder will work on everyone! The active particles are very finely ground and as with all of our products you will find that you only need a small amount because it is concentrated. You will get a velvet like, translucent airbrushed finish after every use and we are 100% positive that you will love this product and see a difference in your skin.

Our formular is infused with our soothing Aloe Vera; our skin hydrating, repairing and strengthening Hyaluronic Acid, andour line and wrinkle Amino Collagen C treatment. This type of Collagen not only promotes Collagen and Elastin growth, but treats the aging process and prevents deep wrinkle formation; improves skin firmness, smoothness, and better moisture retention in the skin. It also contains another amino acid called arginine and Vitamin C; which are also beneficial in treating the aging process.

Our Silica Microspheres are are very smooth, silky and translucent. It is highly absorbent and used for oil control. It is water repellant so if you are wearing it on a hot summer day, you will be just fine. Its staying power is remarkable and very seldomly will you have to touch up during the day. If you are swimming and come out of water, simply dab your face with a towel or face cloth rather than rub. This formula will remain on the skin protecting your mineral make up underneath.

You will be impressed in the way that light is reflected and refracted after even just a little product! The appearance of fine line, wrinkles, pores and sun damaged skin are visibly reduced and it sets your foundation and makes it last longer!

Ingredients: Silicia Micro Spheres, Amino Collagen C, Allantoin, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Powder.

Mineral T-Zone Shine Stopper for Oily Skin- $16


This T-Zone Shine Stopper has many uses and benefits. It can be used as a primer; an all over finishing powder, or just on that infamous T-Zone! It is made up of pure ground clay which goes on translucent; absorbs excess oil and moisture, and provides the skin with a matte appearance!  It can be worn by any skintone or type, however is formulated for oily skin. It is also beneficial for individuals with acne prone skin type and those with enlarged pores. It helps soothe acne and the minerals in the clay help to re-balance oil flow, therefore decreasing oil production over time; strengthens the skin, and aids in the repair of scars.

Ingredients: Pure Ground French Green Clay, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate

**Complete your look by adding a healthy glow with our Blushes and/or Bronzers .To learn more about us, visit our main website at Pure Radiance

We make every attempt to display our colors accurately, however colors may not be exact depending on your own personal computer settings. This is out of our control.

*** Note-As per our Blog re: possibility of the discontinuation of our Mineral Line. Our mineral line may be re-evaluated and we may make changes/additions to suit our customers purchasing habits. Depending on our mineral lines popularity, we may chose to remove the line all together (we have already gradually removed our mineral eye shadows, mineral brow powders, lip plumper and some of our mineral blushes).  It is important for our customers to show support/interest; make purchases; take advantage of our ingredients, sizes and prices of our mineral line before it is too late. Once we remove items, we generally do not return them to our website; despite having a sudden jump in requests for our shadows and lip plumpers after their removal. If you are interested in our make up line, please write in to us or show support by making the occasional purchase before we fully return to our original roots- Our Anti-Aging Cleansers, Antioxidant Toners, Anti-Aging Eye Creams, Day and Night Creams and Serums.

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